Local Resources

The following are local programs and services that have been funded by the Southwest Ohio Affiliate of Susan G. Komen. Additionally our Affiliate works closely with a number of breast health agencies, organizations and companies to identify all the possible resources to support a woman through her breast cancer treatment. Resources available in the Southwest Ohio area vary from getting your mammogram, identifying a breast cancer support group to even securing financial assistance as you go through your breast cancer treatment.

NOTE: After April 1st, 2014, the Affordable Care Act healthcare plans to cover a screening mammogram for women age 40 and over. Local dollars will be able to aid with diagnostic breast health services and increase financial support to find a Cure. In order to access a no-cost or low-cost preventive screening mammogram, please visit www.healthcare.gov to view options for no-cost or affordable healthcare options.

Breast health and breast cancer education materials can be downloaded at no charge or ordered  for a small fee at any time from Susan G. Komen .

We are pleased to announce a new Komen funded program being rolled out right here in Cincinnati. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with breast cancer visit www.breastcancerhelpandhope.com to be connected to a wide variety of resources in your area. Or call Peggy Sullivan, LSW at 513.805.8050. Serving Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indian, Breast Cancer Help and Hope is your one stop resource shop!

2016-2017 Community Health Programs

Susan G. Komen Southwest Ohio affiliate is pleased to announce our 2016-17 Community Health Programs. This year, with the assistance of generous donations from the community, the Affiliate was able to award over $165,000.00 dollars to breast health programs in the Greater Cincinnati area. These important safety net, navigation, and emergency assistance programs target women in our community. Additionally, $150,000.00 was awarded to Sponsored Research of Joan Garrett, PhD at the University of Cincinnati for a total local investment of over $315,000.00

Community Safety Net Programs:

Adams County Regional Medical Center

Adams County Regional Medical Center (ACRMC) helps alleviate the costs of diagnostic services and co-pays for breast health services in the Adams, Brown, and Highland County area. Women who qualify under specific financial criteria set by the provider who are also in need of additional care beyond a screening mammography will be able to access these services provided by ACRMC.

Center for Appalachia Research in Cancer Education (CARE)

CARE’s Project Hoffnung (Hope) was developed to meet two goals: to provide education about breast health, and to link women with breast cancer screening services. This program strives to continue established community-based screening and education programs in Adams, Highland, and Switzerland Counties for Amish and Mennonite women. The proposed program uses the foundation of trust we currently have established over 14 years within the communities and combines a sound process and impact evaluation plan with strong community-based partnerships from the Amish and Mennonite settlements. This initiative represents an ideal collaboration between agency-based and community-led organizations in order to maximize resources and disseminate breast health services more widely in this underserved community.

Dearborn County Hospital

The DCH Safety Net Program will provide diagnostic procedures (mammography, ultrasound, and biopsy) and surgical consults for medically appropriate clients with no insurance, high deductible/high co-pay insurance or those who fall in the gap between Medicaid/HIP and the Marketplace, especially those in rural areas including Ohio and Switzerland Counties. Also, to provide a very limited number of screening mammograms for these individuals, especially those not eligible for an Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust screening due to residency /lack of availability. Having this funding available will allow patients to pursue/receive needed care in a timely manner providing for the best possible clinical outcomes. Clients with an abnormal screening mammogram/documented breast abnormality will work with the Nurse Navigator to coordinate timely advanced diagnostics including as appropriate, surgical consults and biopsies. Clients diagnosed with a cancer/breast abnormality will continue to work with the Navigator for coordination of treatment and follow-up. Clients will also be referred to the DCH Certified State Navigator/ Social Worker for help in applying for assistance/insurance. The project will be evaluated by the number of clients served by each modality and the number of breast cancers detected. Low income/at risk clients will be more likely to receive needed diagnostics and/or treatment on a timely basis, without nonmedical delays, allowing for the best possible clinical outcomes.

Highland District Hospital

Highland District Hospital helps alleviate the costs of diagnostic services and co-pays for breast health services in the Highland County area. Women who qualify under specific financial criteria set by the provider who are also in need of additional care beyond a screening mammography will be able to access these services provided by Highland District Hospital.

Mercy Health-Anderson

The purpose of this Safety Net Project is to provide diagnostic breast health services for women with financial need who do not qualify for other assistance programs. The program provides a ―safety net for low and moderate income newly-screened women in order to remove the financial barrier that keeps them from seeking follow-up and/or treatment. A nurse navigator will promote the program among referring organizations and help women receive timely follow-up procedures such as diagnostic mammograms and ultrasounds. The likely impact will be timely scheduling of follow-up procedures and an increased number of early stage diagnosed cancers in a timely fashion. There is no comparable program for women who are underinsured or whose income is up to 300% of the poverty guidelines.

St. Elizabeth Healthcare

St. Elizabeth Healthcare helps alleviate the costs of service for women who do not qualify for insurance plans to cover screening mammography and diagnostic services primarily in the Northern Kentucky area. Women who qualify under specific financial criteria set by the provider who are also in need of additional care beyond a screening mammography will be able to access these services provided by St. Elizabeth Healthcare. In addition to five counties in Northern Kentucky, the program will be able to assist in some specific services in Dearborn, Ohio and Switzerland counties in southeastern Indiana.

Navigation Services:

Dearborn County Hospital

The Nurse Navigator/FNP is essential for the provision of comprehensive coordination of care encompassing advanced diagnostic, treatment and/or reconstructive procedures for clients with an abnormal screening or abnormal screening/diagnostic mammograms.  The Navigator/FNP also provides education, reference and support for clients, families and the public.  Special emphasis is placed on assisting underserved women.

The Nurse Navigator/FNP will ensure that clients receive timely and appropriate advanced clinical care, related follow-up and social services to help facilitate the best possible patient outcomes.

Emergency Aid Program: Breast Cancer Patient Financial Assistance

Cancer Family Care

These supplemental dollars for women undergoing treatment for breast cancer expands the financial assistance and service offerings. Women with an established financial need may contact Cancer Family Care to access these one-time only dollars to assists in identified expenses unrelated to treatment, but critical in the overall rehabilitative care of women with a diagnosis. Women in the Affiliate’s 21-county service area may be eligible for these dollars.


For more information about the Komen Southwest Ohio Community Health Programs, please contact:

Jordan Clum, Affiliate Grants Manager
6120 South Gilmore Rd., Suite 206
Fairfield, Ohio 45014