Amanda Nathan – VIP Fundraiser Spotlight

Amanda Nathan – VIP Fundraiser Spotlight

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What is your favorite Komen memory?

I think my favorite memory was the first year my team was formed. It was amazing to see everyone come together, plan out our team shirts, the number of people who joined us, etc. As the years go by the number of teammates has changed as the dynamic changes and the team evolves. Team Treasure Your Chest is unique in that it isn’t focused on one individual who is fighting this disease anymore – instead, it is a group of people who have various individuals in mind as we come together. The survivor who was first at the core of my decision to go from being a walker to a team leader still walks with us today, but we welcome anyone who just needs the comradery of being a part of a team.

Why is Komen important to you?

Komen is important to me because I have various women in my life who have fought through this disease, and while being a part of raising money for the research to find a cure, I have met even more warriors who fight to this day and are determined to help pave the way for ending this disease. Being a small part of Komen takes breast cancer from being a diagnosis to actually seeing those affected, struggling, and persevering – there is something to be said for taking awareness and showing actual impacts on people. While you aren’t defined by your diagnosis, it is key to remember these are lives impacted.

What is your biggest fundraising tip?

Don’t be afraid to ask anyone. Don’t be afraid to be “annoying.” If you are passionate about wanting to help – don’t let fear silence you. Ask friends, family, coworkers you consider friends, as friends to ask friends. I also publically thank and highlight donors on my Facebook page (unless they request to be anonymous) as my “Hero of the Day” and challenge others to steal their spot. It’s silly but it works. ????

How are you more than pink?

That’s a tough one. I feel more than pink because didn’t wait for this disease to affect my body, or a direct family member when I began my efforts in 2010. If we wait that long, it’s too late. The amount of friends and extended family that have been diagnosed since I began is too many… not to mention the beautiful souls I don’t even know. We need to support those fighting, but we especially need to fund research so my daughter and her generation have a chance.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

Oh geez, I’m a working mom… so if I could have one superpower it would be to pause time for a multitude of reasons ????

Join Amanda at the Komen Southwest Ohio MORE THAN PINK Walk at Coney Island on September 28!