Elizabeth Giglio – Fundraiser Spotlight

Elizabeth Giglio – Fundraiser Spotlight

What is your favorite Komen memory?

I likely have three – the first one is from 2017 Susan G. Komen Walk – which was when they closed the ceremony with Amazing Grace and released the white doves, as someone who has both family and friends who lost their battle to breast cancer – this was an especially moving experience. Additionally, during last year’s More than Pink Walk – I loved the opening ceremonies where we had survivors march in and each of us raise our bandanas in the air to celebrate our strength and conviction to find a cure and celebrate our survivors.  Again, was very moving. Last – happened again last year, when there was an area dedicated to sharing pictures and writing notions/memories re: our loved ones – it was a really nice tribute.

Why is Komen important to you?

We need to find a Cure and Komen provides a mechanism for me to help participate in that solution. I also value all the support resources it provides to people who are fighting and living with breast cancer.

What is your biggest fundraising tip?

Make it personal – tell your why.

How are you MORE THAN PINK?

I bring my family and friends to the walk every year – and each year we experience the amazingly supportive community that the Susan G. Komen walk has built and is continuing to build. I cannot explain how important it is to have my mother and my sister in law walk together as survivors – but also as mourners for the loss of my mother in law. This walk has brought us closer – again to support each other – but also to feel the community support them.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

Wow – I have no idea.  Maybe a superhero who had the power to help people live every day to the fullest and appreciate what they have. I thought about the superpower to heal…but I believe courage comes from strife and people become better humans when they have to work through the hard stuff. What I don’t think people do very well is live in the present and be thankful for what is the here and now. So guess that is the kind of hero I would be – Hero that helps people be present and value what they have in the moment. 

Join Elizabeth at the Komen Southwest Ohio MORE THAN PINK Walk at Coney Island on September 28!