Julie Laible – VIP Fundraise Spotlight

Julie Laible – VIP Fundraise Spotlight

What is your favorite Komen memory?

Opening ceremonies, hearing everyone’s stories and seeing survivors and families of those who lost their battle come together to support each other. Very emotional to see but also an experience that made me realize I’m strong and I can get through this!

Why is Komen important to you?

We need to have continued research to help reduce/eliminate the diagnosis each year. Komen helps provide that much needing funding for continued research!

What is your biggest fundraising tip? 

I wish I had a big tip to share but my family and friends were just so generous, all I really did was post the event and fundraiser link on FB and the donations just came pouring in along with family and friends joining me on the walk. We had about 30 of us! So I’d say get the word out and tell everyone why this is so important.

How are you MORE THAN PINK?

I’m a Mom, Gramma and am living life to the fullest. My faith has grown stronger and I don’t ever take anything or anyone for granite in my life and make sure I tell them as often as possible!

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why? 

To have healing power to make all breast cancer patients survivors! Too many have lost their battle to this disease and the worry never goes away that it may come back!

How long have you been a survivor? 

1 year – chemo ended April 19, 2018 radiation ended July 17, 2018. April 23rd, 2019 my mammogram showed no sign of cancer!

Join Julie at the Komen Southwest Ohio MORE THAN PINK Walk at Coney Island on September 28!