Pat Buschmann – Fundraiser Spotlight

Pat Buschmann – Fundraiser Spotlight

What’s your favorite Komen memory?

My favorite Komen memory is in one of the Races held in Mason. My mother and her sister, my Godmother, came from Philadelphia.  They were both in wheelchairs and they walked the race with me.  My Mom and I held hands as we went across the finish line.

My other favorite is the opportunity I have to work in the Survivor “Button Booth”  which was started last year. We used to have hats upon which we placed a ribbon for every year of survival. A lot of the survivors looked forward to getting that ribbon each year. When we lost the hat sponsor, we almost lost this special touch. But Komen Southwest Ohio figured it out and we now have the buttons upon which we place the number of years of survivorship. I think the survivors loved it last year. And I, along with my super band of volunteers, are looking forward to working this booth again this year.

Why is Komen important to you?

Komen is important because it gives me an opportunity to support other women and men who are faced with the challenge of breast cancer. Komen does so much for research and support.

What is your biggest fundraising tip?

I am not the best at fundraising. I am kind of shy about asking people for donations. In fact, Komen is the only charity for which I solicit donations. I go to my friends and family and ask for the donations. They step up every year and give generously. I am going to try something new this year. All of September, I am going to wear my survivor button, which says “33” on it. I am hoping that people ask me what it means and I can tell them and ask for donations.

How are you MORE THAN PINK?

I am MORE THAN PINK because I am me. None of us is a disease. We are whole people who have so much to give.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

Compassion. If I could I would like to endow everyone with the gift of Compassion.

If we could all have that power and view the world through that lens; we could change everything.

How long have you been a survivor?

I am a three-time, 34-year breast cancer survivor.  

I am including a picture of me with two of my four grandchildren.  They are about the same ages as my children were when I was first diagnosed.  So I have survived to live, to enjoy life and spend it with grandchildren

Looking forward to another great MORE THAN PINK Walk. 

Join Pat at the Komen Southwest Ohio MORE THAN PINK Walk at Coney Island on September 28!